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jenn’s best of 2010: televsion

If there’s one thing the British can do well, it’s television. Well, monarchy, tea and a stiff upper lip mentality are also their strong suits, but television is up there for sure.

Watching tv in North America is like watching dumbed down versions of British shows, sometimes literally (The Office, Skins, Being Human, just to name a few). They have a different format than we use; short seasons consisting of 6 to 12 episodes per season, long breaks in between so that the writing is strong and audiences are left without filler episodes. Most US networks prefer the nonstop new episodes hey it’s sweeps weeks! appeal, but the UK format has been adapted by many shows on cable. The focus on quality over quantity is what gives the Brits so many more interesting and daring shows. This year, that show was Misfits.

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jenn’s best of 2010: music

In 2010, Lady Gaga got involved with repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, continued her 2-year straight world tour, and wore a meat dress to an award show. She did not, however, release any new music.

This means for the first (and maybe last) time since her debut, Lady Gaga has left the floor open for someone else to be the pop star of the year. Katy Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj grabbed some colourful wigs and cranked out some number ones, but ultimately didn’t bring anything that new or interesting to the table. Gaga’s raised the bar for pop stars, and it takes a certain level of creativity, talent and inventiveness to play in her league.

Enter Robyn.

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even in 1964, i can’t escape hipsters

This episode was directed by Mad Men’s own silver fox, John Slattery! Props to him for a job well done, I actually noticed and commented on the lighting and angles in this episode. Props also to Weiner and co. for allowing him to take the reins on what turned out to be a great, non-filler episode.

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Christmas in July

This season’s Mad Men is all about how the times, they-have-a-changed, and last night’s episode highlighted it in the best of ways – by bringing back the old and having it clash with the new.

In some ways it was like a return to form. The office had a big wild party, everyone was drinking, Roger started hitting on Joan like crazy, it almost could have been season two (if it weren’t for the stylish new office and Don passing out alone in his hallway). But anyway,

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The First Annual I’m-Bored-Here’s-My-Thoughts-On-TV Awards

Summer is always a weird time of year for the tv fans out there. What was traditionally the off-season, filled with reruns and boredom, has turned pretty exciting in our new internet culture. We get constant updates, spoilers, casting news and on set pictures to get us excitedly counting down until September. That’s not to mention the current summer-start shows like Mad Men and True Blood, as well as the upcoming Emmys. Sure the weather’s nicer and we should probably be outside playing baseball or going swimming or doing something else typically expected of the warmer months, but with longer days there’s really just more time to catch up on tv. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing since May, when Lost ended and left a gaping hole in my heart and soul.

I’ve lost my train of thought now, thinking about how sad I am that I have no Ben Linus to look forward to this year, but basically I was going to say something about taking a look at the shows of the past year. Which is exactly what I’m about to do.

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icp actually stands for “independent cinema prodigies”

It has recently been brought to my attention that Detriot based rap (I think?) group Insane Clown Posse have a movie coming out. This was surprising news as I, like most others, had not heard anything about the Insane Clown Posse since 2002. When they belong.

Their movie is a western, starring the clowns as themselves. I presume, anyway. I can’t be bothered to actually watch the trailer, I like all my brain cells right where they are, thank you.

However, if you were interested in seeing what Big Money Rustlas (real title) is all about, you’re in for a treat.

Might this be the most ill-advised foray into acting taken by a musician? Maybe. I mean, it won’t get the same backlash as Glitter or Crossroads, because those were starring relevant musicians, but it’s bound to at least be on the same level of infamy as Busta Rhymes starring role in Halloween: Resurrection.

Or maybe ICP’s acting debut will go the same as forgotten Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland’s forgotten role in the forgotten film Freddy vs Jason.

Sorry for the poor quality, but no one cared enough to get a good copy of this up on YouTube. Beyonce’s got her own HD channel, though. Just sayin’.

What is it about crappy horror movies that attract so many musicians? Jon Bon Jovi cameo-ed as the pedophile professor in Cry_Wolf (pronounced “Cry underscore Wolf”). However I have come to the conclusion no one saw that movie except for me, as I see every bad horror movie ever. The only scene of Jon I can find on YouTube has been delightfully edited to music for your viewing pleasure.

Aaand that was better than any scene that actually happened in the movie. Thank you, internet.

But hey, maybe if Jon shows us good musicians can still be in bad movies, the opposite is also true? Maybe terrible musicians can be great in films. I mean, Mandy Moore’s had a successful movie career. By which I mean “I really like the movie Saved!

Let’s not forget the award worthy turns by Courtney Love, Bjork, Queen Latifah, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Mos Def and more. And how about the fact that many actors working today started out in music first? Johnny Depp did it, and Mark Wahlberg was Marky-Mark long before he was Oscar Nominee Marky Mark.

So although Big Money Rustlas seems like an easy punchline, we can’t be sure. Don’t be surprised if this time next year you’re hearing about “Best Supporting Actor Shaggy 2 Dope” or “Violent J starring as Frank Sinatra in Scorsese’s biopic.”

Or maybe immediately after reading this blog we’ll all promptly go back to forgetting ICP even existed, except for the odd time you pass a Faygo pop at a convenience store. Only time will tell.

…. wait, who are we talking about?


why i hate taylor swift: a manifesto

If there is one thing I hate the most about today’s popular music it’s this demonic bitch:

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. “What? Taylor Swift? But she is so cute and her songs are adorable how can you hate this sweet little blonde girl, you HEARTLESS BITCH!” Well, fuck you. I have my reasons. Continue reading ‘why i hate taylor swift: a manifesto’