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jenn’s best of 2010: televsion

If there’s one thing the British can do well, it’s television. Well, monarchy, tea and a stiff upper lip mentality are also their strong suits, but television is up there for sure.

Watching tv in North America is like watching dumbed down versions of British shows, sometimes literally (The Office, Skins, Being Human, just to name a few). They have a different format than we use; short seasons consisting of 6 to 12 episodes per season, long breaks in between so that the writing is strong and audiences are left without filler episodes. Most US networks prefer the nonstop new episodes hey it’s sweeps weeks! appeal, but the UK format has been adapted by many shows on cable. The focus on quality over quantity is what gives the Brits so many more interesting and daring shows. This year, that show was Misfits.

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