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Mad Men Chat finale – Now in podcast form!

The Mad Men chat finally comes to you in audio form!

That’s right: instead of a long chatlog, we here at Extended Play have finally – after something like a month of arguing and cajoling and maybe one bribe – gotten together and discussed Don Draper, Roger Sterling, et al. Listen in as Heather, Jenn and I argue and agree and, at least once, give me the cold shoulder when I suggest the dog from Lost was wicked.

Click here to listen


Mad Men Chat, Episode 11: Where we’ve already quit tobacco

Mark: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is bottoming out. They’ve been fucked over by Lucky Strike and new clients are keeping away like they have bedbugs. “We’ll see you in six months” seems a polite way of saying “sorry, but we know you’re fucked.” Is there any way the company can pull out of this death spiral? Continue reading ‘Mad Men Chat, Episode 11: Where we’ve already quit tobacco’


A Very Special Mad Men Christmas

For one Don Draper, it is certainly not the happiest time of year.

More and more this season, Draper’s life is caroming out of control and into the gutter. He’s divorced and his ex lives with her new husband in his house. He doesn’t get to see his kids every day and when he does, not all of them are there. His work life sucks. A new client came in to speak with him specifically and then soundly rejected everything he proposed.

And that was all in the first episode. In Sunday’s episode, shit got a lot more real. Continue reading ‘A Very Special Mad Men Christmas’