even in 1964, i can’t escape hipsters

This episode was directed by Mad Men’s own silver fox, John Slattery! Props to him for a job well done, I actually noticed and commented on the lighting and angles in this episode. Props also to Weiner and co. for allowing him to take the reins on what turned out to be a great, non-filler episode.

Don is still a dick. Allison breaks down crying in front of everyone, quits her job, asks him for a letter of recommendation and all he lamely offers is that he’ll sign “whatever she types up.” Really Don? You can’t bring yourself to write a few words about the girl? Find some euphemisms? A letter of prose, commending her “skills” and “willingness to get the job done”, or complimenting her ability to be “discreet” when dealing with “sensitive issues”? That’s beneath you? I don’t blame the girl at all for finally cracking and breaking that tiny office decoration (that she probably picked up for you).

Peggy is the greatest character of all time. Of all time!! Seriously though, I love and adore this girl. Have since the get go. This week, in the Adventures of Peggy Olson, she became best friends with a lesbian and casually rejected her sexual advances without being cold or turning away from their friendship. I was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events, as the second the (obviously gay) woman was introduced, I was so sure they were going to play up awkward lesbian tension. I just wanted them two of them to be strong female bffs and just have power lunches and drink beer and pick up hot young guys and make Pete Campbell jealous, but was sure it was going to turn into Ken-and-Sal levels of uncomfortable. However my faith in the show and in Peggy was restored. The lesbian remains a lesbian, Peggy remains years ahead of the times by not giving a fuck and being friends anyway, I remain happy.

The big news of the night was that Pete Campbell is going to be a father. As someone who can never decide if Pete is a smarmy rapey douche who needs to be punched repeatedly, or if Pete is a sad and sympathetic character hiding under a mask of a smarmy rapey douche, I’m torn over this news. Does the world NEED another Pete Campbell running around? One that’s actually going to be raises and guided by him? I fear for all the German nannies of the future.

Pete and Peggy are breaking my heart. I don’t even know why! I don’t even want them together, really! But when Peggy heard of Pete’s baby news and went to congratulate him, my tiny heart cracked. There’s no possible way for the pair of them to work anything out, but all the longing glances make it hard to say “no, there’s definitely nothing there anymore.” But with marriage and babies on both their minds, I wouldn’t be surprised if their past accidently gets brought to the forefront again.

I can hear my heart breaking

Ken Cosgrove! Welcome back buddy! And shit went down at lunch. “You called me an all-American idiot! Who drove the tractor! And who’s marrying for the money! Stop talking about me behind my back!” Damn Ken, let it all out. You wanna put that into the Burn Book? I love that whole interaction for the following reasons: a) Ken is a teenage girl who’s feelings got hurt, b) Pete totally was like “what the fuck dude where is this coming from” and then they moved on to giggle and gossip about accounts and be secret mortal enemies, and most importantly c) HARRY CRANE IS THE ONE WHO SPREAD ALL THE GOSSIP TO KEN. God I’m surprised he didn’t just call Pete and get him to say all kinds of mean things about Ken while he listened in on the line. God I love SCDP!


“I have a boyfriend.” “That doesn’t mean he owns your vagina!” “No, but he’s renting it.”


– Peggy being shocked/disgusted/pissed off at Allison being all “you must know what I’m going through!”
– Don catching Peggy playing with the engagement ring
– Peggy spying on Don through the window in their adjoining office.


– Trudy to Pete “Well you wouldn’t know what being a father feels like!” and Pete’s immediate “oh shit” face.
– The new guy “I would SO get her pregnant.” New guy, you’re so sassy and fun.
– Peggy walking away from the secretary to reveal Bert Cooper hanging out on a couch in the background, just chilling.
– The phone call to Lucky Strikes, where Don fakes a FIRE at RADIO CITY to get off the line. Really makes you grateful for call waiting.
– Don’s new secretary. “Dr Miller is here for you. It’s a woman.” Wanna put bets on how long it’ll take Don to try and seduce her?


– Why yes, Peggy’s new lesbian friend WAS a 15 year old on The United States of Tara.
– Why yes, Peggy’s new closet make out friend WAS in Black Hawk Down.
– Why yes, the old “DID YA GET THE PEARS” guy WAS the old guy getting a checkup in The Hangover.


Who thought that the photographer/artist who Lesbian magazine Editor was friends with was going to be Andy Warhol? I was like “… is this the Factory? But it’s 1964, he’s huge by now… but the girl did not mention the guy’s name once… is this who it’s supposed to be?” Genuine confusion on my part. But of course, he’s some no-name wannabe who’s still too good for advertising. Fucking hipsters.

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1 Response to “even in 1964, i can’t escape hipsters”

  1. August 18, 2010 at 2:16 am

    I love this show, too, and enjoyed reading your recap. “Silver fox” Roger sure did a great job directing.

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