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Talking Walking Dead – Part One

With Mad Men’s season over, it’s cozy Sunday night slot has been given to The Walking Dead, a show about dead zombies and people who may or may not be dead inside as well. Since the series got so much hype, we here at Extended Play figured it was only fitting to take our Mad Men Chat crew and move on to this new show.

We brought back the Mad Men Chat crew of Heather, Jenn and myself and added one new member: Chel, one third of the podcast Pretty Little Losers and the closest thing I can think of to a ‘zombie expert.’ Call us the TV Crew plus one more. The chat begins after the jump.

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Mad Men Chat, Episode Six: “You said ‘welcome aboard’.”

Mark: First off, the Glo-Mop ad. I think it’s kind of funny that for something so well touted in the show’s universe – it’s played a big role in showing Sterling Cooper Draper Price’s successes thus far – we still haven’t seen it beginning to end.

Heather: I wonder why that is. I’m only noticing this now seeing as you’ve pointed it out.

Jenn: I think we’ve seen the whole thing by now – just in snippets. At least I hope we have, how long can that damn commercial be?

Mark: And I think it’s double neat that Peggy seemed to have such a big role in it’s creation, although I’ll be the first to admit we all like to take credit for a little more then we actually did. After all, look at Roger. He says his job is to find people like Don; but Don basically found him, I’d argue.

Heather: I loved that was almost the whole premise of the episode, Don finding him. I love how Don was that excited geek standing there in front of Roger for his big break. Roger shunning him and then claiming in this episode that he found Don.

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