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Talking Walking Dead Part Five

Your weekly roundtable chat for AMC’s The Walking Dead. New to Talking Walking? Read any of the previous entries here. Joining myself and Jenn this week is Chel, one third of the Pretty Little Losers podcast.

Mark: This is a very Shane-centric episode and kind of presents two sides to Shane… which may really be one, big side.

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The Decade in 10 Albums or less – Craig Clark

This is my top 10 albums of the decade (or the last 10 years cause I know some people get confused with all the decades, centuries and millenniums). Why do we need to shorten everything in life now? Saying ten years doesn’t save anytime either, maybe a millisecond.

If we add up all these milliseconds we saved using all these short forms in our vernacular can we trade them in at the end of life for a prize? Say paper clip, a small toy racing car, a hair clip or a longer life. Anyways, a decade is 10 years. So, the list spans the first decade of the new millennium, so the years 2000 to 2010. After this I guess it’ll be the best albums of the first century of the new millennium that will include the list of the first decade but scattered throughout the century that is 100 years. A century is 100 years.

Now, we all know how the Internet works. Someone nobody knows or cares about posts a list or an opinion and it sits there waiting for Internet snipers to find it just to call it wrong and rip it apart. There’s one thing you have to understand with this list. It’s my list. Many of the albums on this list probably aren’t considered critically acclaimed. These are albums that affected my life and turned me into the asshole I am today. There’s a lot I want to mention but 10 years isn’t enough. Also, 1999 was a good year for albums. Maybe I’ll do a list strictly of 1999’s best albums. So hopefully, this is an enjoyable list.

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