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Mark’s best of 2010

It’s kind of odd that 2010 was bookended by the death of two people who just walked away from it all. In January, J.D. Salinger died; in December, Captain Beefheart died. Both had put themselves in a self-imposed exile from what made them famous. For Salinger, it was writing – he didn’t publish a story for the second half of his life. Beefheart walked away from a singular career in music to focus on art but eventually was limited by MS from even that.
But the thing was, both walked away, fully, completely. It was kind of fascinating how the two, neither of whom really had done anything in decades, became the subject of mass tribute – Beefheart got props from music blogs that I don’t think ever touched his albums, while anybody who ever read Catcher in the Rye went out of their way to praise JD (even though he wrote much better books).
It seems like a mixture of both sincerity and irony, dashed with a little of doing what it takes to fit in. A tonic mix which seems to define 2010, to some degree. This was a year where the must-see movie was a deliberately confusing tangent of intertwining plots, the best TV show was one that mixed earnest and irony until you weren’t sure which one was which and a band best known for clown makeup leaped into the cultural zeitgeist with a song that asked: :”Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?”
In short, 2010 was a little bit of everything, and here at Extended Play, we hope our best of  2010 manages to cover all of it.  Continue reading ‘Mark’s best of 2010′