Best New Music of 2014: Frank Zappa – Roxy by Proxy

Hello and welcome to an annual tradition around here: our month-long list of the year’s best new music! If you’re new, I’m Mark, editor of Extended Play and a contributor to websites like Bearded Gentlemen Music. Every day in December, I’ll run a short review of what I think was one of the best albums of 2014. Today: the long-delayed soundtrack to a long-delayed movie!

Earlier this year, the Frank Zappa Estate released the soundtrack to his long-awaited (and even longer-delayed!) movie Roxy and Elsewhere. I guess there kind of already was a soundtrack, since he released a double record with that title a good 40 years ago, but Roxy by Proxy served a kind of dual purpose: it helped raise money to get the film edited and it’s a bunch of previously unreleased music from these shows, presented without edits, overdubs or other tinkering.

If you’re especially curious, I wrote about the album at length for Bearded Gentlemen Music. And rather than repeat myself further, I’ll just leave you with this amazing medley that ends the record. And yes, I think this lineup – Napoleon Murphy Brock, George Duke, Ruth Underwood and etc., – is my favourite Zappa lineup, too!





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