Links: St. Vincent’s Digital Dystopia

Been wondering what I’ve been up to lately? Well, over at Bearded Gentlemen Music, I’ve got two takes on the new St. Vincent album, St. Vincent. 

The first, and more relevant, is a review of the new album that takes a look at it’s ominous digital landscape. A taste:

The images of St. Vincent a.k.a. Annie Clark on tour, in the video and even on the cover have an odd sci-fi vibe. On the cover, Clark’s seated on a throne in a sparkling, sci-fi dress and a wild hairdo. In the video for “Digital Witness”, she’s stuck in the corner of a futuristic campus where there are no windows and no plant life. And when she’s on stage, she’s playing a black Music Man Albert Lee guitar on a black, atmospheric set, often wearing a black outfit. Everything seems a lot bleaker these days.

The second, which ran about a week before my review, is a more in-depth look at one specific song (Digital Witness) and it’s accompanying video, which I compare to both her old music and to Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son. Here’s another taste:

And musically, that’s what’s most striking about “Digital Witness” to me: there’s a utter lack of guitars on the track. Instead, it’s covered in horns and keyboards. While it reminds me a lot of her work with David Byrne, it’s not that far removed from songs like “Marrow” either. And while I can hear a little guitar in the background her playing is never the focus; in fact, after I watched the video a few times, I realized she never touches any instrument in the video.

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