Mad Men Chat, Episode 11 – “Since when do we have donuts?”

Mark: Roger is really sneaky when he goes and covers his tracks: the pretend phone call, the lies about flying to see Lucky Strike, trying to seduce Joan once again. It’s a real low point for a guy who, frankly, has always been a little slimy. I feel like this season is starting to see him fall where Don goes through similar problems but has the wherewithal to kind of even himself out.

Is it that Roger is a man out of time? That the world is changing too fast for him and he can’t, doesn’t want to keep up? He has problems with new clients, can’t keep old ones and is falling into reliving past glories with his book. I think it’s kind of sad, really.

Heather: He’s truly a mess. As much as I don’t like his wife, she seems to be incredibly supportive and there for him. He is a total slime ball. He takes rejection from Joan and manages it in a far better manner than he did when it came to Lucky Strike. Joan seems to be the only person that, even if he begs for a little bit, he can tolerate rejection from. Everything else he’s trying to hang on to. It’s as if he’s in some kind of denial. I think you might be right with your saying that “Roger is a man out of time”.

Jenn: Saddest moment in the episode for me was Jane making Roger sign the book and cuddle with him while he’s utterly miserable. She’s actually going out of her way to support her husband and make him happy and she has no idea what’s been going on. It was just a little depressing.

Anyway, I swear Don noticed Roger faking the phone call. Don’s an expert liar, he knows the tricks. I kept waiting for him to call Roger out, but alas I was mistaken.

Mark: Also sad, but in a different way, is Don. He’s got a really good thing in Dr. Faye (I actually really like her) and he seems almost set to throw her away. He asks her to breach a code of ethics – which, I assume is probably enough to get her in some serious shit – and when she doesn’t immediately do it, he lets her storm off. And then bangs his French-Canadian secretary! Don’s a really complex and flawed character, which is part of his charm, but he’s awful hard to sympathize with sometimes. Especially when Dr. Faye is willing to break rules for him.

Heather: When Don said to Dr. Faye “I’d do it for you,” I was so close to spitting my drink out all over myself. Don definitely would not have done anything like that for her.

Mark: So, what is it about Don that’s doing this? I almost want to say he craves a certain type of woman that’s willing to bend over for him although he wouldn’t for them (Don was more then willing to disregard her work at different points this season). And his drinking is really coming to the forefront: there was a couple deep stares at his J&B this week.
Jenn: I really don’t care for Dr Faye. In theory she’s an interesting character, but something’s missing. I think it’s a tie between the actress not really selling me on the whole “I am actually in 1965” thing (she seems like she’s playing dress up, I don’t know!) and her always standing up to Don and having me go “fuck yeah!”, and then taking it back by the end of the episode. Like just now.
Don wouldn’t do it for you, Dr Faye, and you shouldn’t have done it for him. Especially after he fucked his gap toothed secretary. side note: were Megan’s teeth always this jacked and I never noticed until now? Google images tells me yes. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked.

Heather: Don’s becoming desperate. Their firm is going to fall apart. The drinking is definitely a problem he’s somewhat recognizing. Limiting himself, and under stress unable to limit himself. When he bumped uglies with Miss Montreal I was pretty ticked off. Not just at him, but the secretary, too. I felt so bad for Dr. Faye when she was found out front of Don’s apartment, providing him with a meeting that he needed.

Anyway, I think it’s desperation that is causing Don to do all of these things. He’s just as sad as Roger in that regard.

Mark: I’m torn on Pete’s father in law (whose name escapes me at the moment). He offers up some pretty solid advice – you’re a dad now, you can’t stick your neck out but should provide for your family – but it feels completely wrong going to a guy who made a really risky move by joining SCDP. Pete’s somewhat of a bold guy. Telling him to reel it in sounds good, but I think it’s entirely unfitting of who Pete is.

But why does he say it? Remember how arrogant Pete was to him earlier in the season (“Everytime you open your mouth, I respect you a little less”)? Is he intentionally giving advice to Pete to lead him into medicority or where Pete will owe him one? Or am I reading into it a little too much?
Heather: I’m not sure. I’m on the fence when it comes to the Father in law (whose name also escapes me). He does seem to know how to separate business from family matters, though, so he might have been sincere. The whole scene was a bit awkward, though. I wasn’t sure what to make of it.
Jenn: As much as Pete is an asshole who was more than willing to shop around to other agencies before, I really think he’s going to go down with the ship that is SCDP. He’s partner now, he seems committed. I don’t think he’s interested in other agencies, and i don’t think he and his father-in-law are going to have the best relationship over this.
Mark: What’s going on with Peggy in this episode? She’s giving off a really confident vibe that I can’t put my finger on. Also, her assistant is a complete creep, but we all knew that already. She did a great job getting a client while the firm was on the ropes, even with lipstick on her teeth (isn’t that something you’d notice?).
Jenn: Peggy Olson is hands down my favourite woman on tv. She sold a client with lipstick stained on her teeth, and didn’t give a fuck that her douchebag co-worker did that to her. She still nailed the presentation, has ironed out her love life, is getting more respect from Don (“I’m counting on you”). She should be confident, she’s the HBIC.
Heather: Peggy was kicking ass and falling in love in this episode. It was awesome.
Mark: Is Lane coming back? My gut says no, or at least not for long, but I really want him to.
Heather: Yes, but who knows if he’ll stay. I’m not sure what to expect there, either.
Jenn: I wonder if we will see SCDP downsizing soon. Perhaps they gave us a glimpse of Freddy (and the useless short guy) so we’d remember who they are when they inevitably get fired?

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