Sally & Glen Sitting in a Tree? & Don’s Everlasting Promiscuity

Glen is back! And what is up with him totally trashing the Draper house except for Sally’s room? Obviously he has a crush on her or something. I don’t get it. I don’t get where they’re going with this at all. Glen is a bit of a freak. Sally knows it was him, but is keeping it to herself as she is unhappy at home. I’m still intrigued by all of that. It’ll probably get way out of hand which will make me go “OMGOMG” a whole lot. I foresee this happening.

Sally Draper sends a letter to her father asking for certain things for Christmas for her and her siblings. Don throws money down on his desk in front of his assistant and asks her to go purchase whatever they asked for. Don throws his money around like a mad man… oh, ha! See what I did there? At the end of the episode he finally passes off the “bonus” for his assistant (which he gives to her also as a “don’t talk to anyone about what we did last night and never mention it to me again”) sort of bonus and it’s $100.00 with a card. It’s a load of crap, is what it is.  Don was pretty wasted in the evenings during this entire episode. He tries to get it on with the lady across the hall (whom puts him to bed and walks out – this time, we will call her “Nurse Lady“). He tries to get it on with a lady who’s presentation he walked out of earlier on in the episode because it involved him answering personal questions about his childhood (who also rejects him, we will call her “Smart Lady“) and later he gets it on with his assistant. Whom he totally blows off the next day. She’s devastated. Don is self destructing all over again. He’s always going to be a womanizing asshole, isn’t he? Such a lonely life. Miserable man.

Freddy Rumsen is back and no longer drinking (for how long?). He’s brought Ponds Cold Cream over as a client. He’s not a fan of Pete Campbell (but, who really is?).

Roger Sterling forced to wear the Santa suit at the Christmas party is proof that he’ll do anything to keep his clients right now. Lee Garner Jr. (hereinafter known as “Le Douchebag“) is basically the entire focus of the party being from their largest client, Lucky Strike. When Roger’s doling out all of the gifts, this Le Douchebag says a few off hand/rude comments.

“That’s a big bag, Roger. Don’t want you to have a third heart attack.”

Dude then gropes Roger’s wife, Jane, who’s like twelve years old compared to any of them there. Finally Roger hands Le Douchebag  his gift, which is a Polaroid camera. Guess who gets stuck having photos taken of him with everyone seated on his lap? Poor Roger.

Why is Peggy lying about her virginity? Well, I suppose I don’t really have to ask anyone to answer that for me, but still – she’s done the dirty with at least two people on the show that I know of (Pete & Duck). Did you listen to that guy pressuring her into having sex with him? Did you hear what he was saying? Do guys actually do this? I’m glad I never had to hear any of that when I lost my virginity. I probably would have laughed in someones face if they said those things to me. And where did this boyfriend of hers come from? Am I missing or forgetting something?

Well, until next week!

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