Occasional Playlist – December 2009

One of the coolest things about Youtube is the sheer wealth of music that’s on the site.  I like it because it makes it a lot easier for me to put together stuff like a playlist of what I’ve been enjoying lately. Take a listen by clicking here or read on for some thoughts on a couple of the tracks.

This time around, the playlist features Brooklyn-based Bear In Heaven, a band I’m unsure of. What I’ve heard of them so far sounds rough, like they recorded it themselves, but the track here – Lovesick Teenagers – has grown on me a lot over the past couple weeks. I like it when stuff kind of slowly builds up. I’d really like to see this one played live, or at least re-recorded.

That’s also something I like about Love of Diagram’s track Look Out. Basically, it’s two minute rock single that becomes an extended guitar workout where the guitars drones on and blend before relaxing and petering out. It absolutely could have been a minute, two minutes shorter. But why bother when this trio can put out more rock in five minutes then most bands put out this year.

Speaking of rock, Peaches lets it all hang out on Boys Want to Be Her, a video not at all light on beat or imagery. For everything glam that Lady Gaga’s brought to the mainstream over the past year – the phrase gender bending has gotten quite a workout over the past couple years – Peaches was not only doing before, but more pointedly;  when Peaches holds the mic, she does it in a Freudian display of control of her band. Nobody does quite as good a job at making videos as her.


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