What exactly IS Extended Play, anyway?

1. Extended Play, aka an EP, is a short album that’s less then 30 minutes. Way back in the day, in the age of vinyl, an EP was something bands sometimes put out between albums – not really a stopgap, but a collection of stuff that didn’t really fit anywhere else (B-Sides, outtakes, live stuff, etc). They were usually short, punchy and right to the point.

2. A pop culture blog that hopes to capture the feel of the EP: not too long, but short and to the point. As Sum 41 once put it, All Killer, No Filler.

That’s what we are. We’re here to provide short and to-the-point reviews and opinion on music, TV and, well, whatever strikes our fancy. We’re not here to write 700-word opuses on how Radiohead has done it again or how Animal Collective is maybe the greatest thing ever (because they aren’t). We certainly don’t have that kind of time, and we fully expect you don’t.

3. We’re here to put things in context. One of our major problems with other critics is the dreaded respect factor: that the musicians worked so hard, that the label surely knows what they’re doing, that somebody somewhere is ahead of the curve in liking something… we’re not like that. Not to use a cliche, but we tell it straight. If we don’t like something, we’ll say so – unlike other places, where everything seems to get 3 stars or more, save for the easiest of easy targets. To use another cliche, that’s low hanging fruit. We don’t even eat fruit (here at EP, we’re more smoothie people).

4. So why should you care? Are you fed up with albums getting three stars on release and becoming albums of the year only months later? With albums getting perfect reviews and left of said lists? With tepid reviews or elaborate systems that need a decoder ring to figure out? We know the feeling. How is anybody supposed to take stuff like that seriously – and anyway, what IS the difference between 4 and a half and five? We’ll spare you the difference.

Welcome to Extended Play.


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